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Barefoot Guide 1

Working with Organisations and Social Change

This is a practical, do-it-yourself guide for leaders and facilitators wanting to help organisations to function and to develop in more healthy, human and effective ways as they strive to make their contributions to a more humane society.

Barefoot Guide 2

Learning practices in organisations and social change

A practical resource for social change leaders and practitioners who want to build learning organisations and improve their organisational and field-based planning, monitoring, learning and evaluation processes.

Barefoot Guide 3

The Barefoot Guide to Mobilizing Religious Health Assets for Transformation

For practitioners and leaders wanting to think differently about the health of the public, mobilize 'religious health assets', support the ‘leading causes of life’, and enable ‘deep accountability.’

Barefoot Guide 4

Exploring the real work of social change

For activists, civil society leaders, practitioners and students who are asking “What is the real work of social change?” Real stories, not “best practice models”, but rather experiences to be learned from, to deepen our questions, and to be more thoughtful in our practice.

Designing and Facilitating Creative Learning Activities

A companion guide to Barefoot Guide two 

A practical support guide for facilitators for designing and facilitating a wide range of social processes.  Full of creative ideas and approaches.

Embracing Practices of Inclusion

how people in Georgia, Laos, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan and Vietnam made inclusive development happen..

With significant experiences, lessons, videos and practical guides about the practice of inclusive development for a wide range of excluded or marginalised groups.

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What is a Barefoot Guide? 

The Barefoot Guides bring stories, analyses, approaches and resources of interesting social change practice from around the globe, each under a key theme.

Each Barefoot Guide is written by a collective of practitioner writers and social change leaders, and is published in an illustrated format that is simple and lively, breaking away from the dry, alienating and academic style of most social change publications.

The Barefoot Guides are freely downloadable from this website.  They are available in several languages.

A typical Barefoot Guide is a practical, do-it yourself book or guide. It supported by this website with resources, exercises, readings etc, including tried and tested concepts, approaches and activities.

We encourage others to write new Barefoot Guides. If you (and your fellow practitioners) have a book about social change, contact us

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The Barefoot Guide Connection is an open conspiracy of leaders, practitioners and activists sharing good practices and insights to inspire and guide our approaches to social change.